Peek Behind the Scenes

Glimpse behind the scenes

In his memoir, Life’s Abyss Then You Dive, Joe Woo, Jr. provides a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the journey of filmmaking. Included here are two crew videos made during film production, take a peek.

A cinema marquee with the title of "Life's Abyss Then You Dive" A bit of the behind the scenes you can expect in the film production memoir by Joe Woo Jr. "Life's Abyss Then You Dive".

Film Gag Reel

Jokes on set keep morale from plunging and create a deep
sense of belonging vital to a hard working crew.
Watch and laugh along with the crew.

Crew Video #2

Cameron’s video assistant Ed Marsh created this
half-hour long video of life and work on The Abyss.
Take a look at what working on production is like.

Take the Plunge

Embark on a cinematic journey with Joe Woo Jr. by reading his memoir and relive the magic of The Abyss.

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